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TIEPOLO pappír fyrir dúkristu 56x76 cm - blað

TIEPOLO pappír fyrir dúkristu 56x76 cm - blað

1.199 kr
1.199 kr
Verð með virðisaukaskatti. Sendingar reiknaðar við afgreiðslu.

Created with 100% cotton, this paperboard is indicated for all printmaking techniques (engraving, lithography, silk-screening, xylography and linocuts).

It is mould made, size 56×76 with all edges deckled. The watermark is fixed point and placed below right on the sheet. It reproduces the CMF trademark surmounted by a star and enclosed in a circle. Tiepolo is pH neutral, assuring inalterability over the time.

  • 100 % cotton
  • High grammage: 290 gsm
  • traditional white in colour (Bianco)
  • pH neutral
  • Acid-free
  • Ideal for all printmaking techniques

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