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Eco penslahreinsir

Eco Penslahreinsir

1.199 kr
1.199 kr
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The RENESANS Eco Brush Cleaner is a potent, water-soluble as well as biodegradable detergent. It is intended to cleanse brushes, tools and accessories from both oil and acrylic paint residue. Additionally, it conditions brushes bristles increasing its durability.

To use the Eco Brush cleaner properly, first, soak the brushes in a small amount of undiluted cleaner, adjusting soak time depending on the condition of cleaned brushes, then rinse well under running water.

We advise you always to use a small amount of cleaner, so the brushes crimp is not submerged, as this might lead to the dissolution of the glue and compromise the longevity of your brushes. For the same reason, we highly advocate lying paintbrushes flat on a paper towel or a piece of cloth when drying them.