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Gel 3D - Soft Body Gloss

Gel 3D - Soft Body Gloss

1.499 kr
1.499 kr
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GEL 3D Soft Body Gloss is a milky white paste based on concentrated acrylic resin. It has the consistency of a transparent gel while drying. It allows to work get very pastose results with acrylic colours. It can be mixed with the paints or be used as a ground that can be overpainted with acrylic colours. It increases the viscosity and density.

  • mixable with acrylic paints
  • recommended for impasto techniques
  • suitable for techniques like decoupage or scrapbooking
  • great adhesion properties
  • suitable for creating special effects with sand, sawdust etc.
  • available in a gloss and matt finish
  • available as a SOFT or HARD BODY gel

Size: 125 ml