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Hágæða pensilæ fyrir olíu og akrýl málning

Pensill 1200R Gervihár Round

429 kr
429 kr
Verð með virðisaukaskatti. Sendingar reiknaðar við afgreiðslu.

Renesans 1200 series is a modern collection of brushes, hand-crafted with the finest synthetic fibres. These are robust, versatile brushes and are suitable for use with any type of paint: oil, acrylic, and watercolour. The bristles in this brush are extraordinarily soft; therefore, they leave virtually no brush strokes behind, thus finding great applications in techniques demanding high precision.

Brushes in the 1200 series come in with a short handle - the average length of the brush approximates 20cm.

Proper cleaning and care will extend the longevity of every brush. We recommend using Penslahrensir and Jurta-penslusápa when washing, to give your brushes the love they deserve.